Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016

Last weekends ride


I want to share a few pics from our last ride with the velocar.
This time we drove to Naumburg (by car) to join a small but beautiful steampunk exhibition there.
There were lots of self built steam engines, all of them able to run,
steampunky computers, useless boxes and other funny stuff .
A Mendocino-motor leaves me head-scratching.
Imagine a rotor without anything around...
Luckily the builder was so friendly to explain the principles to me.
One artist brought his steam powered pets, a rat, a turtle and a beautifully made drageon, able to move almost his whole body.
Also at display was a steam powered bicycle.
The engine propelled the front wheel via a wooden friction wheel.
The builder explained, he is able to cover 5 kilometers in flat terrain, before the boiler runs out of steam.
We were also invited to drive a few circles with the garden train, which was - what else - steam powered.
And all that entertainment was offered for free.

After the exhibition we discovered the picturesque valley of the Saale river with our velocar.
We drove from Naumburg to Bad Koesen and back, always alongside the river.
Because of its sunny microclimate, some of the northernmost vineyards in Germany are situated here.
And of course a lot of small taverns and restaurants.
So we took the opportunity to taste a glass of wine.
Sweeter than I suspected...

All in all we had a great sunny day,
lots of interestig things to see,
antique buildings in a beautiful landscape
and a glass of wine.

What else could you want?

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