Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

Video shooting with local TV channel

Some months ago I wrote an E- mail to a TV show about my hobby.
Now I got an answer.
We decided for beginning February, hoping for good weather.
I completed a new paint scheme just in time.
But when the day came, the sky was grey, temperatures below zero and high probability for snow.
So we changed scenery from park to a nearby small airport.
Not only provides a hanger superb shelter from the elements, the parked airplanes give an excellent background for video shooting.
After some videos were taken inside, we got out to the runway, which was poured over with frozen rain.
Damn, was that cold !!!
I wish, i had built my windshield yet.
Nevertheless it was great fun to ride over the ice, great opportunity to try some sliding.
After two hours at the airport, we recorded some more videos on public street, to show the velocar in normal traffic.
All in all, 3 hours of work will result in a 4 minute report and will be broadcasted  in mid March.

Samstag, 4. Februar 2017

Small repairs

Some time ago, I damaged the velocar at the rear.
A small impact has punctured the plywood, which I want to replace now.
I removed the damaged part of the rear panel with handsaw and angle grinder, 
then created a scarf joint to glue old and new part together.

Tomorrow I will add some reinforcements inside.