Sonntag, 12. Juni 2016

What is a Kinneri?


Kinneri is the old Finnish word for pedal cars or velomobiles.

 Some years ago I found an old drawing of a Kinneri,
which is one of my favourite plans for a one seater replika. 
 This example seems to be very similar
I don't know, who was the constructor of the plans, 
nor do I know more about the beautifully built example above.
Most likely the drawing appears in one of the numerous magazines for self builders,
which were very polpular in the 1950s.

Several vehicles were built, some of them were restored nowadays.

The photo is taken from the blog.

Back to the drawing above:

While I like the lines and shape very much,
 there are some details I want to change.
For example I want to equalize the size of all wheels,
to reduce the number of spare tubes/tires when underway.
I'm also concerned about the rolling resistance of  small wheels, 
especially on the uneven roads I drive frequently.
 So I decided to use 24" wheels, 
trusting the experience with my velocar.
I also lengthened the entire vehicle to fit my size (I'm 189cm/6'3" tall)
including a slightly lower seat position and a more horizontal backrest.
I prefer a bloody simple construction 
just like the original.
This includes the sliding pillar suspension for the front wheels
(Morgan style).
I just added a rear swing arm.
Now, this is what comes out so far:

And again the original drawing for comparison:

My falsification is not accurate in all aspects.
It was made only using copy, paste and stretch.
My intention was to create an inspirational drawing, 
which I can roughly follow for a future project.

Redesign datas:
Length: 300cm
Width: 105cm
Height: 75cm
Seat height: 25cm
Wheel base: 190cm 


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