Mittwoch, 21. September 2016

Building update September


I was a bit lazy with maintaining this blog.
No posts since two months.
But, because I was not that lazy in building, there's a lot of progress.

I have built the front hood, the steering system, the front brakes, pilots drivetrain
 and spent several hours refining the bodywork.

The front hood

Fenders painted and Banshee as test payload

My front braking system is somewhat odd
The alum tube which goes through the hole is the steering column
and the front brakes are operated by pulling the handlebar/column back

Front part of drivetrain

Looking inside the left side box with the two idlers at left
 and the jackshaft at right side

The jackshaft 

View to the rear wheel

And finally I was able to drive the velocar, although barely
Just minimum eqipment: Pedals, chains, front brakes and a handlebar.
No shifting cable yet,so I shifted the NuVinci hub to slowest gear directly at the hub interface.
The slack side of the chain is still not exactly aligned with the frame holes where it goes through.
You can hear it rattling loudly, the hollow plywood frame behaves like a guitar corpus.
So, no speed trials today...
Just testing the suspension and turning circle, which is - by the way- impressingly small !
Next steps are proper seats and door locks, these clamps are going on my nerves.
And please excuse the bad quality video, it was just recorded with the cell phone