Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017

Cargobike Berlin

As several times before, we had an bicycle event in Berlin.
This time it was the Cargobike Berlin, first of its kind here and exclusively dedicated to human powered cargo haulers.

Beside many manufacturers and self builders we met and talk to, the staff included the yearly cargo bike race.
It was rather a fun race instead of a sporty competition, so we had no problem only reacheing last place ( of four) in our multitrack division.
My first prototype, the blue one which I sold last year, was also in the race.
Outfitted with two biomechanical engines ( aka. humans) and two kids as additional payload they had comparable chances to win.
I was leading in lap 1, but a bit slow at the cargo loading stop after, so they started earlier for lap 2 and held the lead for the rest of this short race.

Near the entrance of the exhibition I found this gorgeous little Triumph and shot a few photos.