Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

New paint job for Retroadster Mk I


Currently my wooden Retroadster MK2 is standing in the garage
and still a lot to do.
The work came to a stop because we had to move into a new appartment,
and this had absolute priority.

 After most of the work was done,  
I had the feeling to do a repair job on the old velocar.
The birch plywood has developed a lot of black mould spots over the winter.
So I grabbed the sander and sanded the old varnish and most of the ugly spots down.
Luckily most of them at the lower half of the front panels,
which finally got painted the same color , like I painted the tail last year.

I want to build front fenders next time,
following the lines of the new color scheme.
An oval rear window is also on my wish list.



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