Sonntag, 13. März 2016

Front hood building diary 2


Six weeks after the last post I have to admit, the progress is less than I suspected.
But anyway, I thought my small progress is worth to be shown.

The top panel of the front part is attached, the doors are cut out and they're able to swing to a nearly vertical open position almost like Lambo doors.

Now I'm in the designing process of the front hood/bonnet.
 I want to stay close to the look of an Jaguar XK 120, as long as this is possible with sheet material.

Here are the latest pics so far:

 This was a appearance test with mofa headlaps
If I'll attach the lamps this way, they'll need fairings

  The doors cut out and in open position

 Screwed on top panel with partly trimmed edges

 Fancy stainless steel hinges

These small triangular panels acting as edge reinforcement of the doors and allow to give the edge a slight curvature.

  The red dot represents the position of the future neodymium magnets, which will hold the doors open 

  And finally the front panel is attached.
The cutout for the front hood will be enlarged a bit.
Currently, the fenders are only existent in my imagination and I can't wait to see them in reality.
I hope, with the fenders and headlamps, the velocar get's its intended look.


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