Dienstag, 18. August 2015

Tear drop tail for MK2

Hello folks

It's raining since days now.
I moved my temporary workshop to the 3rd floor under the roof  because working outside is impossible and the garage is cluttered with a Mk1 velocar, a Mk2 rolling chassis, a small boat under construction and a lot of other bicycles.
The new tail/trunk is 50% assembled now and luckily still small enough to get it downstairs without damage.
An hour ago the rain takes a break and so I quickly pulled the Mk2 chassis out of the garage and mounted the new tail onto it.

Alterations in comparison to the Mk1 version:
 I want the inner sides of the wheel wells flaring outside.
This reduces the wasted space for the wells and gives more room for the kids shoulders.
Furthermore, the rear end of the tail is 20cm/8inches narrower than the maximum width.
This gives a benefit, when cornering through bottlenecks or chicanes.
I got lot of scratches at the old body, because of the wide rear end of the tail.

I assume to end up with an tail weight of 10kg or less with all still missing parts.
The Mk1 part has a weight of 17kg.
Another racing bicycle in weight is saved...


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