Samstag, 8. August 2015

Velocar MK2 update


Since weeks I'm fiddling on the suspension parts.
It takes much longer than I suspected, three weeks now.
The velocar gets double wishbones (a-frames) at the front axle and swing arms for the rear wheels.
Suspension works with elastomere elements instead of steel springs, 
which saves almost 2kg in weight.

This picture was taken with most suspension components still missing, just for show

These are the mounts of the rear swing arms

And here finally with all a-frames, kingpins and frame mounts 

Double a-frame construction with elastomere dampers
The three-pieced tie rod was still in the works then

The lower frame mounts have to be enlarged, to spread the loads of the suspension better into the wooden frame.

The Ackermann geometry is finally working.
Did you know, the real inventor was Georg Lankensperger?

Rear swingarms with offset mounted spring elements
Both rear wheels are fitted with Nuvinci N360 hubs.

Next week the steering components and body work awaiting completion.



  1. Awesome work, Kai! I love how you use the monocoque to create a "frame", which ends up being more practical in many cases for an HPV than trying to use the monocoque for a stressed *outside* structure. Superb craftsmanship and mechanical design of the front suspension!

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    1. Thanks Ihab.
      Although i like this concept, i have to say its much more complicated to work with than i thought before. Through the build i got a lot of ideas, i want to try out in the next build.

  3. I love your suspension design. I am also building a kart but with a metal spaceframe made from light bicycle tubes.
    Which shop can I buy these couplings you use on the frame-side and on the wheelside? And the suspension-shock manufacturer and model plus where you bought that.
    I live in the Netherlands, close to Germany so both countries are OK for shops.

  4. Hello SalsaGids
    The joints are normal uniball joints, i bought mine at the "bay".
    The brackets which are screwed to the plywood frame are built from 40x1,5mm square tube, sliced apart with the angle grinder.
    That shocks are specialties from Velomo.