Donnerstag, 19. November 2015

Slow progress

It is a long time now, since my last post.
The woodwork on the tail is finally done.
Now I will seal it in epoxy for proper protection of the wood, then sand and paint it.
Actual weight of the tail is 8kg.
With tailgate and backseat added, I assume to end up with 10kg, so I'm very close to my previous estimations.

I placed the pedalcar beside a middle class estate for size comparison

The open design of the rear gives a lot of possibilities.
Instead of a simple tailgate, I could build a pickup style trunk with more stowage space.
If I want more, an additional hardtop turns the pickup into a van.
All these parts should be exchangeable within minutes, so I'm able to get the most suitable car version just in time.

But now, the building of the front hood has started.


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