Freitag, 28. November 2014

Sum up 2014: Netherland

In spring 2014 we visited Marlies and Olaf in the Netherlands.
They are living near Utrecht.
Olaf shares the same interest in building velocars, velomobiles and other unique bikes.
 He operates a blog about his creations and a HP also

Can't say, why I forgot to mention this trip in my blog.
Maybe I lost overview, in which forum I had posted and in which not.
Anyway, here are some impressions from this very interesting visit.

Amelie and me in the "Vrijwiel"

 Visiting Kamerik
The two velomobiles are also build by Olaf.

My  not yet ready build velocar in front of Olafs workshop

Vrijwiel rulez !

Size comparison:
The Vrijwiel is much more compact.

"Sundays Odd Bikes Ride" 

Back at the workshop for a cup of coffee

Olaf is a prolific bike builder.
Most bikes used on this ride were build by him.
I forgot to take a picture of his lawn mower bike.

Thanks to Marlies and Olaf for this very interesting weekend.


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