Freitag, 28. November 2014

Sum up 2014: Autumn rides

This year we made several rides through the surroundings and, 
of course, taking a lot of photos.
In the beginning of October we cycled to Muenchenbernsdorf, a small town nearby.
We overnighted with friends and drove back home the next day.
All in all we covered 53km, not that bad for two lazy cyclists with a heavyweight velocar, a child on the rumble seat and lots of luggage.

Solitary forest roads

 Shortly before we arrived Niederpoellnitz

Are such obstacles able to rise the mood of cyclists?

In this case: Yes

Finally in Muenchenbernsdorf:
Take a break

In the central "city"

On our way back at afternoon

In this years "golden" November we had another nice Sunday afternoon ride in the forest.
As long as I can remember, it was the first time I weared just a T-shirt outside in November.

This little house in the forest should be made of gingerbread

Amelie is now able to ride her own little bike at age 3.
She learned balancing the bike within an hour or so.


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