Sonntag, 28. September 2014

Nuvinci at stokers side

Today I'm the best husband of the world.
I have installed the Nuvinci N360 on my wifes side of the Velocar.
A few moments before we came back from the first test ride with this new configuration.
With the previously installed 7speed cassette my wife has frequent problems pedalling steep uphill passages
The Nuvinci changes the whole thing in a very positive kind of way.
Much wider range, especially important on ascents.
With the 42/32/20T crankset the range increases to 756%.
Even with the often mentioned lower efficiency of the hub, compared with other shifting systems, being able to keep a proper cadence makes for far better uphill performance.
For the given circumstances (slow, heavy velocar) the Nuvinci is great.

The new configuration from behind: 
Left: Alfine11    Right: Nuvinci

The old cassette gearing on the stokers side
In front of the wheel (right in the pic) one of the jackshafts can be seen

Have a nice Sunday afternoon!

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