Sonntag, 31. August 2014

Critical Mass Leipzig

Two days before the CM I have made the foldable windshields.
I found out makrolon is a tricky material to work with.
Two times I cracked the material while drilling.
Luckily this happens at the corner of the wind shield.
I rescued my work by cutting away the cracked area and turned the former trapezoidal shape of the wind shield into a halfmoon style.

At Friday we joined the CM in Leipzig.
We had trouble to arrive in time due to several traffic jams at the Autobahn.
But we made it to the meeting place half an hour before the start of the ride
Here are some photos, as always:

Meeting at the Augustusplatz


What toilet brushes are good for

One of the cargo trikes carries a sound system.
Very chilling to ride at a slow pace and listen to some good music.
A must-have for my velocar !

  This was shortly before we made a final round through the shopping zone
Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of this part of the ride
Finally we were back at the Augustusplatz and the ride ended with several circles around the artificial pond in front of the opera and the mandatory bike lift.

 My bike lift was a bit odd, I needed a helper at the front of the car
Sorry, no better photo available...

My pedal car in a test ride

View of the Leipzig Opera


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