Sonntag, 17. Juli 2016

Future color scheme


Christian, a guy from the local steampunk community made some color simulations for me.
Quite useful, I think.
Better than paint it first and hate it afterwards.
He also suggested to change the grille from oval to a horseshoe shaped one.
Now it looks more like a Bugatti or Morgan.
My wife just giggled, when she saw the photo, so I have to go for it.
 The curved windshield is also suggested by him, but the real one will be a bit higher.
His website

Bordeaux is our favourite color now

Bugatti blue is on second place

British racing green is another option (for one of the next builds)

I'm still thinking about a 2 tone scheme, all colors above can be combined with creme white.

So, looking forward to my next steps...

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