Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2016

Front fenders

Hi folks.

Currently I'm working on the front fenders of the new velocar.
First step was the making of a side panel in the projected shape,
then glueing curved girders, which meets the sweeping lines of the panels perfectly.
This time I had to glue a much tighter bending radius, than ever before.
(front half of the fenders)
A dry batten would break if bent so hard, 
so I used boiling water to make them flexible and that worked perfectly.

Next tricky step was the unrolling of the front and top panels of the fenders.
These are bent and curved in all directions,
but again it was easier than it seems.

Now all panels are dry fitted and ready to be glued together.
This will be done tomorrow.

As always a few pics, showing the steps of my work

 Side panel cut out and screwed in place

Aft part of the fender tops

 And finally the front panels cut out and dry fitted.

Now the "face" is almost ready built.
I still have to decide the design for the cowl and grille.
My inspiring examples are these two great cars.

 Jaguar XK120

Delage D8 Aerosport Coupe


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