Dienstag, 26. November 2013

The monocoque in 3D CAD

Did I mention that I want to make the tandem fully faired?
For the first time a non stressed fairing attached to the frame, a further development could be a rigid, frameless monocoque.

To find the desired retro design I prefer, I have played around a bit with SketchUp.
Although I'm not a big fan of CAD, it's useful to see a planned design from different angles before the build starts.
I confess I'm not a skilled CAD designer, but hope to improve my abilities soon.
 Lenght: 320cm/126 inches
 Width: 120cm/48 inches
Height is 105cm, maybe I have to raise the roof a little bit

SketchUp is a rather simple program.
It's easy to use but has just a few tools.
For example the step at the bodys edges should be a 45 degree bevel, but I haven't found the necessary tool.
Furthermore I wanted the front and rear end of the body a bit narrower, but I wasn't able to alter the body of my pedal car that way.

The build will be done with 4mm gaboon plywood ( as the blog name suggests) and epoxy as a stitch&glue project.

By the way, here are the newest parts for the sociable:
Front wheels with 90mm SA drums and one rear wheel with Nuvinci N360
The second rear wheel is fitted with the Alfine11.
I can't decide wich hub is better for our needs, we have to find it out while riding :)


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