Samstag, 30. November 2013

CAD design #2 in three versions

I changed the lines and measurements of the previous design slightly,
the most important as follows:

Bottom bracket height: 40cm/16"
Seat height: 20cm/8"
Backrest angle: 40° from horizontal
Min. distance heel to ground: 7,5cm/3"
Car body height at crank position: 75cm/30"
Car body height at knee position 80cm/32"
Maximum height of soft top: 105cm/42"
Width: 120cm/47"
Length: 320cm/126"
Wheel base: 210cm/83"
Ground clearance: 12cm/5"
Weight: around 60kg/130lbs (with two drivetrains)

Here are three different versions of my pedal car.
It's basically the same car body with different rear versions, which can be simply attached to the tail.

Basic car


The convertible


The Kamm tail

The pickup

There's still some work to do on the front, which has to be changed.


  1. Great inspiration! I'm also planning a2+2 pedal car and my ideas go in the same direction as your design here.

    1. Sorry for my late reply. Please keep me updated on your project. If you have further questions or critics, feel free to tell.