Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

Now the inspection hatches

Over the last days I had no time to work on the frame.
But since yesterday I have completed the four inspection hatches.
These parts are important for several reasons:
When installing the axle connectors, I have to work from the inside of the boxes.
(Drilling holes, tighten screws and so on.)
I want to protect the inside of the boxes with linseed oil.
Furthermore I want to use the boxes for stowing my gear, while underway.

The making of the hatches are pretty easy, although a little bit time consuming.
At first I mark the respective hatch form on the surface.
Then I have cutted it out with the jigsaw.
The next step was the making of edge reinforcement frames, 1 1/2 inches wide.
These frames are oversized at the outer edge and undersized at the inner.
The trick is, to make no exactly round hatches, because then it's difficult to get the frames inside the hole as one part.

Here you can see one of this frames glued in place.
Many woodworkers used to say, it's impossible to own too many clamps.
They're right!

The three hatches in the seat box.

The cutted out parts back in place
New and old frame
 side by side

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