Sonntag, 24. Mai 2015

Improved plywood frame


Over the last weeks I completed a new wooden frame.
It's build like my previous frame from 4mm plywood and spruce stringers.
This time I have used gaboon/okoume plywood (marine grade) instead of birch.
It's more rot resistant and much lighter than birch plywood, it has just 2/3 or less the specific density of birch.
I also decreased the height of the frame from 20cm/8in to 18cm/7in to get a slightly lower seat position.
While the birch frame from two years ago weights 25kg, the new okoume frame weights just 16kg.
Wow, 9 kg saved !!!
That's the weight of a complete racing bicycle.
I hope, to save another 10 kg in the new bodywork, also made from okoume.

Frame without top panel shows the spruce stringers

On the scale

Nearly 15kg and a few pieces still missing

A quick mockup in the garden

The lines of the future bodywork 



  1. What size wheel? what hub and axle?

  2. Whell size is 20 inch. Sturmey archer XL drum brakes for the front wheels. Rear wheels will be fitted with NuVinci hubs and disc brakes.