Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Sunday ride with a new bicycle

Hello again
At first sorry, that I can't tell you something new about the building process of the new frame.
The building of the frame has been delayed by the very long winter.
Even more than two weeks after equinox we have patches of snow all around.
In my backyard I have shoveled a hill of snow that is now two meters high.
Because of the fine gravel surface I had made last summer in my backyard, the snow was mixed a bit with the gravel while I shoveled it away.
When the sun shines over the last days, the white snow is reflecting most of the sun heat.
But the small gravel pebbles are absorbing the energy, heating up, melting their way down through the snow and forming bizarre structures.

Today we have choosen to make our sunday bicycle tour with our (more) normal bikes.
I have driven my old Peer Gynt with the trailer.
We made a coffee break at the nearby playground, time for the kids to play around a bit.

Last week I have purchased a racing bicycle for my wife, fitted with a Nuvinci N360, wich was proudly driven by my ten year old daughter.

Despite the frame is a bit too small for me, I have driven it on my way to work on friday, just to try it out.
I found out, I will have to exchange the rear sprocket by a larger one, because climbing up hills is a real pain.
Furthermore the longest gear is not driveable with a reasonable cadence, unless I would be able to drive at a speed of 30mph.
But the larger sprocket is just a small improvement.
The Nuvinci is a ingenious example of what is possible nowadays.
I want to test the Shimano Alfine too, but more on this later.
My plan is, that one of both gear hubs will be part of the drivetrain of the new tandem. 


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