Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

Introduction of the "Retroadster"

Hi all.

My project is a four wheel tandem in sociable configuration and a lot of capacity.
I want to add a fairing to the frame later to make it look like an early streamliner car.
Main influence are the Velocars, which were build by Charles Mochet between the 30s and 40s of the last century.
I call my pedal car "Retroadster"
Until now I have completed a driveable test vehicle with box steel frame and two independent drivetrains.
A simple rectangular plywood box between the rear wheels acts as a trunk for childs and luggage.
Due to the steel frame the vehicle is way too heavy. 63kgs/126 pounds are too much to climb steep hills with reasonable speed.
But it helps to find the exact measurements for wheelbase, track, seat angle, distance between pedals and seats and so on.
And the steel version is easy to change.
Cut it apart with the angle grinder and weld it together again takes just a few minutes.
basic frame
underway on a sunny autumn day
a rear box for childs and groceries


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