Samstag, 19. Oktober 2019

Reworked Mk3 drawings


Recently I installed a new 3D drawing program and still have to get used to it.
So I made new drawings for the 24" wheeled Mk3 Version, which will be the next to be built.
Due to my still not so good skills, the drawings are somewhat simple, no interior for example.
The rear wheel wells can be closed by slats, but I insisted in one side mounted wheels  for ease of maintenance.

Also I tried how an estate version would look like.
Length is the same as for the teardrop cabrio, I just added a square end.

I think about making the rear body versions interchangeable, 
conversion from cabrio to estate and reverse should be completed in 15 minutes.

The plywood panels are bought since a long time , still waiting for being cut into shape.
Before I can start the build, there are some other projects yet to be finished.

Cheers, Kai

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018

Driven drum brakes

Hello all.
Currently I had some work on recycled wheelchair hubs.
I want to build one side mounted, driven rear hubs with drum brakes.
Normally these hubs are spinning around a fixed 12mm axle.
After removing the axle and hammering out the bearings, i put the hubs on the turning lathe, widening the center hole of the drum hubs to nearly 25mm.
Then I pressed the new 25x2 cromo steel axle into the hub.
Additionally, i welded a flange to the outer end of the axle tube, screwed to the hub to make sure a proper torque transmission.
Left: Front hub with usual 12mm axle
Right: same hub after being  converted into a driven rear hub
 with 25mm axle and outer torque flange.

Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2018

Design No.4

This is another design I made this year.
Focussing speed and high efficiency while retaining the load carrying capability
leads to this particular design with a very low silhouette.

Some influences from Morgan, Jaguar and Triumph, I call it "Shooting Brake"
Intended to be built as plywood monocoque with the long front fenders doubleacting as sills.
No additional girders necessary, which will simplify the building process and saves weight.
This particular design is very low.
I created an ugly dude, 189cm tall (my size) for comparison.

2+2 Seater, as always
Width: 120cm/47"
Wheel base: 225cm/89"
Wheels: 20" or 20x1 3/8
Height of body: 75cm
Height of top: 100cm/40"
Height of entry/ top of sills: 30cm/12"
Seat level: 20-25cm/ 8-10"
Ground clearance: 10cm/4"
Expected weight: 55-60kg with use of 4mm gaboon ply,
Less, if I use thin airplane plywood for non-structural parts.

I guess, it won't fit the needs of the usual grocery getter that good.
Climbing in and out is more difficult than in a design with higher seat level.
Visibility and visability are also restricted by the low silhouette.
So this design is intended as hommage to all those fancy vintage sportscars i like so much.

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2018

More projects...

Some components for another velocar,
in this case I bought some vintage rear hubs.
I want to build this particular sociable tandem as a smaller and simpler version,
much like the original Mochets from the beginning of the 1930s.

These are two Sachs hubs with drum brakes, one has also internal gears
 in addition to the derailleur system with 6 sprockets.
I'm still not sure, if it's a 2 or 3 gear hub,
but this one will be installed on the pilots side.
The other one is still without it's cogs, this will be the passengers hub.

The front axle will get the same hubs with drum brakes,
these are from a stripped wheelchair.

Dienstag, 7. November 2017

Velocar Number 3

Although there's still something to do on Number2, 
I have completed the wheels for the next project.
I changed the wheel size again, back to 24 inch,
as on velocar No.1
This time all wheels will be one side attached, for easier tire/tube changing.
Because the rear wheels are now at the very sides of the vehicle, there's also more space in the back of the car.
The cargo trunk behind the drivers will be 75cm wide at the floorboard, 90cm at the uppermost edge, 40cm deep and 100cm long (less with a shorter rear end) .
Here are some crude renderings, just serving rather as help for imagination, than as accurate drawings.

I will build the swingarms for suspension within the next weeks.
Stay tuned!

Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017

Cargobike Berlin

As several times before, we had an bicycle event in Berlin.
This time it was the Cargobike Berlin, first of its kind here and exclusively dedicated to human powered cargo haulers.

Beside many manufacturers and self builders we met and talk to, the staff included the yearly cargo bike race.
It was rather a fun race instead of a sporty competition, so we had no problem only reacheing last place ( of four) in our multitrack division.
My first prototype, the blue one which I sold last year, was also in the race.
Outfitted with two biomechanical engines ( aka. humans) and two kids as additional payload they had comparable chances to win.
I was leading in lap 1, but a bit slow at the cargo loading stop after, so they started earlier for lap 2 and held the lead for the rest of this short race.

Near the entrance of the exhibition I found this gorgeous little Triumph and shot a few photos.

Freitag, 26. Mai 2017

Sunny weather photos

Just a short post.
Nothing dramatic happened so far.
Just finally good weather, to take a few photos of the velocar.