Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016

Maker Faire Berlin 2016

After a busy week I have enough time to write a few words about
our last weekends exhibition in Berlin.

Preparations in the final week before the faire:

I was too optimistic about my building speed.
It needed several attempts to get the drivetrain working properly.
also I had massive problems with the paint I choosed for the front fenders.
It's the worst paint finish I've ever done, I'm really ashamed. 
I'll never buy bloody cheap paint again, in the end it's much more expensive!!!
Next time, I have to get all the paint off again.
But then I will use epoxy resin as a first coat and a 2-component paint,
which doesn't shrink and has way better gap filling characteristic.
All in all, the velocar was just in one seater mode, when we leaved for Berlin.

The Maker Faire:

It's not the best idea to attend an exhibition as a single exhibitor,
because this is a full time job.
From 10 to 18 o'clock I had very small opportunity to drink or eat.
I was really knackered at saturday evening and my voice was almost gone then.
I had a lot of childs at my stand, just for test seating or occasional drives around the plaza.
I piloted the velocar myself only , due to the missing rear brakes 
and the crowded place allowed just walking speed.

Here are a few impressions so far:

 Observation by the experts

 In improvised business card holder

 Myself at the "helm" (this was at day2, when I removed the doors to prevent damage)

 36inch direct drive bicycle and in fact driveable

 A lucky nerd with two young girls

A short round view and exhibition test ride

Driving kids around

 Carrying equipment of my neighbor exhibitor
 Finally on the transporter again.

A big Thank You to Gloria from the next stand, for helping me out when I needed to take a break.
She transforms music into knitting art

 Also Thanks to all the interesting people I met.

Cheers, Kai

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